ゲノムおよび生体情報解析のトータルソリューションChrovisの開発とサービス提供を行う株式会社テンクー(本社: 東京都文京区、代表取締役: 西村邦裕、以下 テンクー)は、未来創生3号ファンド(運営者: スパークス・グループ株式会社)をリード投資家とし、他1社を含めた2社を引受先とする総額7億円の資金調達を実施したことをお知らせいたします。






スパークス・グループ株式会社 グループ執行役員 櫻庭茂樹




Genomic Medicine x AI Startup Xcoo,Inc. raised a total of 700 million yen

Xcoo, Inc (Headquarters : Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo / CEO Founder : Kunihiro Nishimura, PhD), which develops Chrovis, a total solution software for genome and bioinformatic data analysis, and provides services related to the software, announces that it has raised a total of 700 million yen from SPARX Group Co., Ltd. as the lead investor and another company.

Background and Purpose of the Fundraising

Since its establishment in April 2011, Xcoo has focused on genomic medicine. Xcoo has contributed to the social implementation of precision medicine, utilyzing its advanced computing technology, aiming for a world where the most appropriate treatments are provided to each patient. Taking advantage of our proprietary product, Chrovis, our team with prominent engineering skills and expertise in bioinformatics analyzes genome and omics data for cancer diagnosis, treatment, and prevention, as well as for cutting-edge research and development.

We are also now focused on “clinical-annotation,” which adds clinically useful information to the sequenced genome data. The cancer panel test, which is now becoming prevalent across Japan, is an innovative testing method that could help find the most suitable molecular-targeted drugs / treatments for the characteristics of the genomic changes of the malignant tumor of each respective patient. However, a major challenge is the significant amount of time and effort required to interpret and report the test results. We utilize information technology to automatically process vast amounts of data across multiple databases, thereby supporting physicians’ decision making in diagnosis / treatments based on test results and providing useful information to patients.

Three years have passed since the Comprehensive Genome Profiling (CGP) test was covered by Japan’s public health insurance, and the cancer-genome-medicine related market continues to grow steadily with the annual number of cases tested under the public insurance exceeding 10,000. In light of this situation, we will further accelerate the expansion and development of Chrovis’ functions and services to meet the growing needs on the clinical front lines. The funds raised will be invested mainly in human resources to strengthen our team for this aim.

Comment from the lead investor

SPARX Group Co., Ltd. Group Executive Officer : Shigeki Sakuraba, MD, MPH, PhD

With the decline in the genomic analysis costs driven by the next-generation sequencers as well as national policies in various countries to promote cancer genome medicine, we believe that this market will inevitably expand in the future. For the quantitative and qualitative expansion of the cancer genome medicine market, it is important to create an environment in which physicians involved can concentrate on their unique role up to the final judgement of the diagnosis and the treatment policy. Chrovis provides a one-stop service from information collection and clinical annotation to reporting to patients, which can streamline physicians’ work, and will become an indispensable tool for the cancer genome medicine practice in the future. As an investor, we are very pleased to support the development of these innovative services across Japan and globally.

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